What’s new?

Version – 27.04.2020

  • We have added a trial version of WhatTheBug available for all users to download for FREE!
  • From now on there is a possibility to start a testing session from any point in time. No need to restart the game to begin testing.
  • Now testing games without WTB-plugin is also possible. However, to get the most from WTB we encourage you to use our plugin.
  • We’ve added the ability to record full video of the testing session on Android devices.
  • We’ve increased system stability and fixed some minor Bugs.

Version – 26.03.2020

  • Live device logs have been added on Android platform – users can now inspect Android device system logs in real-time.
  • Exporting sessions data to zip files is out – export logs, screenshots and videos and share them.
  • Users can now mark certain sessions as important to prevent their accidental removal.
  • Special mechanism has been implemented to automatically clear past and unnecessary sessions to prevent your system from overgrowth.
  • Name your test sessions however you want or let our system generate their names for you automatically.
  • Processes modal has been majorly improved. Now it contains much more information and allows more manipulation over current sessions.
  • Screenshot on demand feature has been added. Now you can attach custom screenshots to your play sessions.
  • Go to the live device view to record videos up to 3 minutes long.
  • WTB-config has been implemented for more flexibility and customization.