A life-changing tool for better and smarter mobile testing.

Stage 1

March 2020

  • Automated, remote build deployment, update and launch for multiple devices
  • Automated deployment CI/CD integration
  • Unity Support
  • Easily shareable tests reports with complete diagnostic data, consisting of Unity logs, device system logs, screenshots, videos and performance data.
  • Automatically gathered video recordings preceding errors in games
  • Live device performance feed
  • Full device hardware data
  • Intuitive dashboard and web panel for users
  • Manual QA mode

Stage 2

2021 H1

  • Fully automated UI testing
  • Easy recording of test scenarios
  • Replaying test scenarios on multiple devices and platforms simultanously
  • Gameplay skip mechanics
  • SDK for tailoring WTB to your project specific needs
  • Localization tests – checking readability and correctness of texts in different languages
  • Visual scripting creation and edition of test scenarios
  • Full reports from every automated test run
  • Integration with auto deployment and CI/CD pipelines
  • Leasing real devices


2021 H2

  • All previous functionalities moved to cloud
  • Flexible, adjustable solution for everyone
  • All testing executed on real devices¬†

Empowering Testers

Automation of repetitive, menial, tedious tasks.

Testers can focus on what really matters - whether the game is fun.

Unified test reports aggregating all diagnostic data gathered during test sessions.

Powerful, simple to use diagnostic and automating toolbox

Saving Time

Developers get full, detailed reports containing all data needed for debugging.

Visual data helps to eliminate long explanations and misunderstandings.

Newest builds can be installed automatically on all your devices even in the middle of the night.

Every test is automatically documented and archived.

Who is WTB for?

For testers

  • Convenient installation of new app versions and its management.
  • Ease of reporting errors – all session data are located in one place.
  • Unified way of showing the error from the tester’s and developer’s perspective.
  • In the future, a tool to prepare automatic test scenarios.

For developers

  • More detailed way of reporting error data (in forms of Screenshots, logs and pre-recorded videos).
  • Easy transfer of test automation task to the QA Department.

For management

  • WTB assisted testing is more reliable than manual, it allows for smarter and faster development and lessens the chance of manually made errors.
  • Less time spent testing = less development costs.

Supported platforms

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