How do I install WhatTheBug?

After purchasing a license for WTB, you will be contacted by our Customer Support and you will receive installer and license key in an e-mail.

You need to install the system using simple installer from the e-mail following installer’s instructions.

It is also required to install Visual C++ 2015-2019 (14.24.28127+) redistributable manually on every node machine.

How do I start the system?

Once you had installed the system on one PC, you need to start it using the “Start WhatTheBug” shortcut from your desktop.

If this is the first time you start the system, one of console windows will ask you to enter a license key, so go ahead and process accordingly.

After the system is started and ready, you need to open a web browser (we suggest using Google Chrome for that) and enter “localhost:4200″ address in the url bar.

If you try to access server’s web panel from some other computer, it has to be in the same LAN as the server, and instead of “localhost” you need to enter server’s local IP v4 address, eg. “”.

How to use projects and builds?
“Projects” are folders for your games. If you are developing a single game, one Project will suffice. If you test more games you should use a separate Project for each of them.

Into a Project you can upload multiple versions of builds. From there you can install and uninstall builds on devices, start a test session, download build back or remove it from the system completely.

How to use automated build deployment?
Automated build deployment is being triggered whenever a new build is added to the project, both manually via web panel and also using FTP client.

If a device present in automated deployment config is unavailable at the time of the newest build being added the process will install the game on the device next time it comes online.

How to use device tags?
Tags allow you to quickly search and select groups of devices.

One tag is automatically assigned to your devices, it’s a Proxy tag. Proxy tag tells you to which computer the device is connected.

How can I see hardware and performance live data from my devices?
How to integrate Unity plugin into my project?
How to upload build using FTP client?

You can use any FTP client you’d like for that. This is an especially useful feature for integration with CI/CD pipelines.